Thursday, October 1, 2009

C-Base Open Moon goes for X-Prize

A new European group, "Team c-base Open Moon," among them German "physicians, businessmen, and engineers" announced today official entry into the Google Lunar X PRIZE competition.

C-Base Open Moon becomes the twentieth team scrambling to win the $30 million total purse, requiring a privately funded and verifiable robotic lunar landing, 500 meters of post-landing mobility and awards an additional $10 million if bona fide contact is made among seventy or so sites of relics of earlier missions to the Moon.

“We believe the Google Lunar X-Prize," said Neven Dološ, head of c-base Open Moon team, "is an excellent way to initiate a worldwide movement of enterprises and private space enthusiasts to continue the mission which began 40 years ago with the first landings on the Moon. The door into outer space was pushed open by Apollo," he wrote. "Now it’s time to resume the mission and to go even further into our solar system.”

Visit the Official Site of the Google Lunar X-Prize, HERE.

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