Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shelby calls Augustine panel 'worthless'

Robert Block
The Write Stuff
Orlando Sentinel

Senator Richard Shelby launched a preemptive strike on President Barack Obama's blue ribbon space panel the day before it was due to release its final report, calling the committee’s findings “worthless.”

Shelby, a staunch defender of NASA’s Marshal Space Flight Center In Huntsville, Ala., said in a Senate floor speech that the committee failed to consider safety when it ranked various rocket options for the White House to consider.

“Without an honest and thorough examination of the safety and reliability aspects of the various designs and options for manned space flight, the findings of this report are worthless,” said Shelby.

The speech sets the stage of what is expected to be a fierce fight between some members of Congress and the White House over the future of human space exploration.

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