Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Grand Opening Columbia Memorial Space Science Learning Center this weekend, in Downey, CA

The Columbia Memorial Space Science Learning Center will have its opening celebration Oct. 23 and 24. [Stephen Carr/Press-Telegram]

Phillip Zonkel

The launch date for the Columbia Memorial Space Center is set. The Space Center's primary mission is a space-science learning and activity center developed as a launching pad for young people to consider careers in space exploration, says Space Center executive director Jon Betthauser.

"We're trying to inspire kids to consider futures in engineering and space exploration," Betthauser said, during a Tuesday afternoon interview at the sprawling facility.

"Math whizzes and rocket engineers aren't the only ones who study space," he said. "It starts with painters, model makers and artists who make the initial sketches that help scientists imagine what is feasible."

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