Saturday, October 10, 2009

Video: LCROSS Impact and News Conference

Live Broadcast from LCROSS Shepherding and Sensing Satellite during Terminal Descent to the floor of a permanently darkened region (PDR) within lunar crater Cabeus, Oct. 9, 2009. Having separated from the Centaur impactor, the Sensing Satellite, with its array of cameras and sensors covering various bandwidths, monitored the impact of the Centaur and its immediate aftermath, following roughly 400 km behind. [NASA/ARC]

LCROSS Post-Impact News Conference
NASA Ames Research Center, California


Robert said...

Is LCROSS lack of “water plume” NASA’s WMDs’? Yes, here’s why.

I Twittered:

Does anybody else see why NASA went to South Pole when North Pole had more hydrogen? #nasa #moon #PR #hype #letdown #usa

Why would NASA intentionally target an area of the Moon that had the LEAST amount of hydrogen signature for the once in a generation shot at this mission and send it KNOWINGLY to the wrong pole of the Moon?

That’s a question ALL news, people, taxpayers, congress, kids in school, and the Obama Administration should be asking NASA and JPL along with other very TOUGH questions about why so many things about NASA remain “classified” in an “open” administration.


Jesse Dylan Watson said...

I'm distrustful of NASA. They're suspicious, and they're not transparent. The space program is of utmost importance to me, and I believe strongly in funding it with all we can muster, as its benefits trickle down to every sector of society.

However, as it stands, things are going on at NASA that even many of the employees don't know about.

They've never explained to us why they chose the "wrong" pole to "bomb", and the whole bombing mission has always sat with me not well. What were you trying to destroy, NASA? If there's no reason for me to be suspicious, prove it.

Joel Raupe said...

It's always interesting when comments from everyday folks show us the state of Journalism in my country. Yes, studies of data from earlier mission, Lunar Prospector particularly, showed a stronger hydrogen signature in the northern high latitudes than in the lunar South, and generalized everywhere, not just within "permanently endarkened regions," or "PDR's."

I don't recall this being brought up by anyone at any NASA news conference discussing LCROSS.

Of course, the LCROSS mission was secondary to LRO, and the choice of approach and orbital entry for the latter rendered the decision of where to impact LCROSS academic, in the end.

As to the point about NASA being suspicious, and the notion that there was some motivation other than pure science to the LCROSS impact, I can't address those points. I have no evidence before me that doesn't fit the admittedly amazing, but natural processes of lunar morphology.

Jesse Dylan Watson said...

Well, even though I am just one of those "everyday folks", I see plenty of evidence to suggest the possibility that there is more than just the natural morphology, and perhaps more importantly, there is just too much weird stuff that NASA does, and surrounding NASA, to discount. This whole mission has seemed odd to me from the beginning, and the impact does not seem to have behaved as one would expect.

robert said...


there was NO...repeat NO...orbital reason LCROSS HAD ...repeat impact the South Pole. The orbital dynamics would have allowed either pole to be targeted. The LRO had already seperated and was independant of LCROSS before it even entered Lunar Gravity.

I have 360 current requests in for the LRO mostly (about 300) for the Moon's NORTH pole which is where the 'water' is.

For long long long time NASA has been harping on "follow the water" mantra when it comes to Mars exploration suddenly veers as far away from the MOST WATER it can find on the Moon.


It doesn't make "commmon sense".

Same thing with the quandrant 35-45 latitude and 335-355 longitude on Mars. Every mission that got there (and only half did) ALWAYS seem to have some camera issues, color issues, or PR issues with that quadrant. Again....WHY?

There was that computer "re-set" on EVERY...repeat EVERY comet fly-by ever attempted by anyone JUST at the moment of closest approach. There's been 3 or 4...not quite sure the exact number, google it. Again...WHY?

My answer? They've got some weird stuff to hide. Hence there are STILL to this day over 300 pages at National Archives "Classified" about Roswell, and more than 4,000 documents about Brentwoods AFB in England. WHY?

robert said...

Oh..and it NOT being brought up at the LCROSS news conference shows how the 'meanstream science media' actually KNOW about what they are covering and not doing anything more than reading Government propaganda Press Releases and NO fact checking.

Gee...didn't we get into Iraq that way? Believing the government can't and doesn't lie?


Jesse Dylan Watson said...

Sorry to keep harping, but I have to agree. There are just too many niggling things, too many coincidences. If it doesn't "prove" anything, at the very least it should be cause for consideration. You don't need the olfactory faculties of a canine to smell poo poo in the porridge. :)

In other words, for me, personally, there is just too much out of what would seem to be the ordinary to reasonably believe that only "pure science" is happening.

Again, I truly apologize for hijacking the comment section of this article. I have no malicious intentions and am posting without anonymity.