Friday, July 31, 2009

Terraced Wall of Bürg

Under control of Arizona State University, the Narrow Angle Camera of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has not been idle this lunation. Above, our 400 px wide inset cannot begin to give proper context to this latest release, showing astounding detail of a favorite telescopic target of the Near Side's northern hemisphere, Bürg Crater, surrounded by the warped Lacus Mortis, not far from Atlas and Hercules. Follow the ray that bisects Mare Serenitatus through south central Bessel (does that ray only seem to originate with Tycho?). It will lead you to a squarish plateau, where Bürg sits almost directly in the middle. The sides of the apparent plateau are sliced by rilles, some of which pose questions only LRO seems well equipped to answer.

The news release and a links to the image HERE.

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