Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Carl Raupe (1951-2009)

Lunar Pioneer is forced to take a few days off, to celebrate the life of one of our friends and partners, a big supporter of our work. We appreciate your patience.

Joel Raupe
PI, Lunar Pioneer, LLP

He was my brother, certainly, but he was also a founding member of what became after more than thirty years, Lunar Pioneer, LLP. As archivist of the Groups who joined together to found LPLLP, this has left me in something of a bind.

I have only sporadic connectivity at my location, and cannot update this, the LP news blog, three and four times a day as we have for years. Substantive updating of the news piling up in our absence to attend rites in Texas will have to wait until Monday, July 21.

There's never a good time to lose a friend and brother, but it seemed like a particularly bad time so close to the anniversary of Apollo 11.'

I was reminded, however, that we celebrate the Apollo Era, while working for the future of lunar exploration and extended human activity on the Moon, year in and year out, here at LN. Meanwhile, you may have noticed a sudden increase in obligatory salutes (some of them very silly and misinformed) to the achievement of Apollo 11 coming from people with less than a basic interest in the Moon or Apollo.

Maybe our friend Carl Raupe's timing cold not have come at a better time!

Meanwhile, and again, we really and sincerely appreciate your patience with us. There's a lot going on, and we will resume our work here, along with planned announcements and improvements in coming weeks, just as soon as we possible can.

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