Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cracked Gauss tests LRO WAC

Just part of a larger LRO Wide-Angle Camera (WAC) image which includes Hahn to the southwest, reveals the tortured morphology on the floor of 170 km-wide Gauss (35.7 N - 79E).

From the LRO Press Release:

"If the material on the floor is due to extrusive volcanism, the color filters of the WAC will help to determine its composition relative to the surrounding terrain. The Narrow Angle Cameras (NACs) will allow us to see small vents and pyroclastic deposits that often occur in similar floor-fractured craters, helping to confirm that these cracks are due to volcanic activity beneath the crater."

Charles Wood's perspective "A Hahnsome View,"
Lunar Picture of the Day, July 15

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