Saturday, June 6, 2009

Final operational week for KAGUYA

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Lunar Orbiter IV-4044-h3 overhead image (large file)

Because Japan's lunar orbiter Kaguya will slam into the Moon at approximately 6:30 pm, Wednesday, June 10, 2009 (UT), Team "SELENE (KAGUYA)" is busy preparing for its "final operation," impacting on the Moon's southern hemisphere near Gill, a skillfully coordinated "controlled re-entry with high accuracy,"according Japan's space agency JAXA.

"In addition, it may be the last promotion activity for KAGUYA project by using KAGUYA (SELENE) satellite itself for people around the world."

"If someone plans to see the KAGUYA impact at an observatory with a big telescope, like the 3.6 meter telescope in Hawaii, please contact with us by e-mail ( and let us know who, how and where. It is very appreciated if you can also provide the result of observation."

"REMINDER: Impact time and location information will be updated using the latest information on KAGUYA's orbit and condition."

Expected KAGUYA impact point

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