Monday, June 29, 2009

U.K. reviews future In Space

An expert panel will review the challenges and prospects facing the British space industry. The group will report its evaluation in six months and will make proposals on how the government can preserve the sector's rivalry.

Science minister Lord Drayson said that space work plays a huge part on daily lives. The new panel, the Space Innovation Growth Team (Space IGT), is headed by Andy Green, the chief executive officer of Logica.

His IT company offers software to space companies and is in a successful position to review the industry, from hardware manufacturing to applications. The IGT will listen to the entire sector, to hear from companies that entirely depend on space technology.

The goal of Green's panel is to outline a 20-year strategy for the British space industry. It will try to locate the key trends and then catalog the steps that both the industry and government have to take if they want to embrace any changes.

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