Wednesday, June 10, 2009

China lunar base study released

Permanent base in 2030, Mars by 2050

China's People's Daily is reporting a study by the Chinese Academy of Sciences suggests China could establish a lunar base and eventually explore Mars in the decade to follow. All in all, the study seems ambitious but also perhaps more circumspect than reports in the not too distant past. However, the study does not exclude a manned expedition to the Moon before the end of the coming decade.

"China may send manned flights to the moon and set up a base there by 2030 and it could land on Mars by 2050, a technology think thank said.

"In a roadmap for the development of China's space technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) said that China's manned spacecraft could also launch from a moon base to explore further planets in 2050.

"The roadmap was part of a report titled "Creation 2050: Science, technology and China's Future", a long-term strategy for the country's development of science and technology.

"Guo Huadong, leader of a CAS space technology strategy research team, said the roadmap is "not an official plan, but more of a strategic suggestion to the decision makers."

"The central government has not announced any plan or timetable for sending astronauts to the moon or building a moon base."

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