Monday, June 29, 2009

Ares I-X concerns could scrub test

Hardware for the Ares I-X flight-test rocket is readied for stacking recently in NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center. (NASA / June 28, 2009)

Robert Block
Orlando Sentinel Space Editor

The violent shaking that threatens to destroy the Ares I rocket that NASA hopes will one day return astronauts to the moon is also threatening to delay — or even cancel — the first flight of its test version, the Ares I-X.

Air Force officials who have safety jurisdiction over all launches from Kennedy Space Center are worried that the rocket's vibrations could knock out the self-destruct mechanism required in case the launch goes awry.

If the Ares I-X went out of control during its scheduled launch Aug. 30, and the destruct mechanism failed, the rocket could threaten populated areas along the Space Coast.

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