Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New releases from Chandrayaan-1

Hat Tip to Svetoslav Alexandrov alerting us (a second time) of new publicly released images from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) lunar orbiter Chandrayaan-1, this time showing off some remarkable images from poorly photographed parts of the Moon's polar regions.

This time ISRO shows off images taken using "indigenously engineered" experiments, Chandrayaan's Terrain Mapping stereo Camera (TMC), in the panchromatic band with a 5 meter spatial resolution in 20 kilometer-wide swaths and the Hyper Spectral Imaging camera (HySI) operating in 400-950 nm bands with a spectral resolution better than 15 nm, a spatial resolution of 80 meters also taken up in 20 kilometer swaths.

With anticipation building (and perhaps a lot riding) ahead of the June 17 launch of LRO & LCROSS, and tomorrow morning's anticipated impact of Japan's famed Kaguya, ISRO is reminding anyone who might be listening that India will soon, however briefly, be the only nation with a working presense in the Moon's vicinity.

(More, ISRO... send us MORE!)

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