Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rosetta: Moon from 4.3 million km

The Moon through ESA spacecraft Rosetta's OSIRIS high-resolution narrow-angle camera, using an orange filter, from 4.3 million km, 03:10 UT, Nov. 8. Rosetta was flying toward Earth from the night side, the reason for the very narrow illuminated crescent. [ESA/Rosetta Blog]

ESA - On November 8, Rosetta's OSIRIS instrument imaged the Moon from 4.3 million kilometers, (2,672,000 miles) as the vehicle sped towards Earth for a final gravity-assist fly-by, November 13.

The OSIRIS team at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Lindau, Germany, released the image of the Moon above, acquired on Sunday, November 8 at 0310 UT (Saturday, Nov. 7, 10:10 PM USET).

Access image in Rosetta Blog media gallery HERE.

Access second version acquired by OSIRIS wide-angle camera, HERE.

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