Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Machio Kaku: Water of the Moon

Michio Kaku
Wall Street Journal

"The gamble has paid off in spades. Sensors have detected 24 gallons of water from the 60-foot crater created by the LCROSS experiment.

"Ice has the potential to fundamentally change our space program. First, ice contains hydrogen, which can be used for rocket fuel. One day, our astronauts may mine the moon for ice, which can then be used for return voyages back to earth.

"Second, it contains oxygen, which can be used for breathing. Since the moon is airless, this could one day fill up our air tanks. Third, the water can be purified and used for drinking. Fourth, water is extremely good for shielding against radiation. Since solar flares and cosmic rays are a deadly problem, our astronauts may one day use ice as shielding for a permanent base."

Mr. Kaku is a renowned astrophysicist at
City University of New York

Read the his editorial column HERE.

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