Monday, November 9, 2009

"Moon" debuts on DVD, Blue Ray in January

"You've been up here too long, you've lost your marbles." Solitary helium-3 miner (Sam Rockwell) confronts himself, literally, aided, after a fashion, by the pre-programmed advice of his smiley-faced computer companion (Kevin Spacey) in Duncan Jones' award-winning premier feature, "MOON," available on DVD and Blue Ray early next year.

Neil Miller

A few weeks back, director Duncan Jones revealed some of the DVD and Blu-ray release details for the import release of his highly acclaimed film Moon via his twitter account (@ManMadeMoon). And ever since, we’ve been waiting for official word from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Today, we have that official word in the form of the press release below. The film will hit Blu-ray and DVD here in the states on January 12th, and it will include what appears to be a solid amount of special features. This includes two commentary tracks, two Q&A featurettes and two behind the scenes featurettes. Not bad for a smaller release.

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