Monday, November 23, 2009

Advanced avionics and processor systems for space and lunar exploration

Andrew S. Keys and James H. Adams, (NASA MSFC)

In response to the Constellation Program's need for environmentally hardened electronics and avionics, the AAPS technology development project is actively working to provide advancements in the areas of modeling of the radiation environment and its effect on advanced, modem electronics, FPGAs designed such that they are hardened against the radiation environment, High Performance Processors that will provide high efficiency, radiation hardened performance, Reconfigurable Computin g capabilities that allow a single processor board to fulfill multiple finctions, and SiGe-based electronics that allow operation in the low-temperature and radiation environments of the lunar surface. This overview paper provides a summary of each of these technology development tasks with an emphasis on the significant progress of the past fiscal year and identification of the additional development milestones planned for the coming fiscal year.

Download the full Presentation (pdf) HERE.
AIAA SPACE 2009 Conference and Exposition Pasadena, CA 14-17 Sept. 2009

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