Thursday, November 12, 2009

LOIRP configures second FR-900 tape drive

Ken Zin stands in front of FR-900 Unit 2, getting it closer to full operational status. [LOIRP/Moonviews/Keith Cowing]

Keith Cowing

"Keith's note: we are working to get our second FR-900 tape drive restored and operational. Once that is accomplished the LOIRP will embark upon a new program with a dramatically enhanced capability to retrieve - and release images."

(The Lunar Orbiter Image Recover Project, often ingeniously, is gradually remastering photography originally developed, broadcast to Earth, and then stored on tape from the United States Lunar Orbiter series more than forty years ago. The award-winning results are akin to a new mission, "restoring" pictures of the Moon as they were never seen originally, using a combination of restored tape technology and modern computer processing. )

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