Thursday, November 12, 2009

Name SynergyMoon's lander

UPDATE: A bit delinquent, on our part, but Mark Posen, a team sponsor of Synergy Moon, an official competitor for the Google Lunar X-Prize, has written to corrected an earlier report on their contest to name the team's landing vehicle.

It's the Lander, not the Rover.

Mr. Posen of Emailed more than a week ago to say the multinational Synergy Moon team is sponsoring a contest not to rename it's Tesla Robotic Rover but rather, the team's Lander.

"I am proud and happy to be a member of Synergy Moon, and a team sponsor," Posen had written "and I hope my friends and colleagues here at Ecademy will share my enthusiasm for this project and have a go at this contest to try and name our Lunar Lander."

"Join our Facebook Cause, post your idea for a name for our lander, along with a donation to the cause! After names are submitted, we will have a series of votes to narrow down the choices and finally pick a name! If we raise enough funding through this cause, it will become the official name of the lander."

Read Posen's announcement HERE.
(And the Team's Website is HERE.)

Four days ago, Mr. Posen wrote, thanking us for the mention, and saying "you can read about the contest (and enter too) via the Synergy Moon Facebook page:"


Mark Posen said...


Thanks for this post about the Synergy Moon lander naming contest. It's not a secret, and not just me that is talking about the contest either!

You can read about the contest (and enter too!) via the Synergy Moon Facebook page:

The team's website is in the process of being updated, so this is why there's not been any mention of the contest there.



Mark Posen said...

Oh and just to note (since I missed it before)...

The contest is to name our *lander* not to rename our rover!