Monday, June 1, 2009

Iconography, in a handbag

They are only human, after all. Talented Talent, and it is a reminder marketing and those who market are talented people, also. People in politics who are smart, admittedly rare though they may be, catch on to the fact and depart from orthodoxy, sooner or later. Business is about survival not discretionary spending. Even if you make handbags, the product may be a discretionary item for the consumer but sales must be a recurring thing if you are to survive.

Entertainment, not information, is the coin of the realm.

Heads up WSJ Speakeasy


bag studios said...

Marketing is one of the reasons why designer bags costs more compare to other bags and usually when a commodity such as bag and other luxury items, they cost more because of brand!

idol replicas said...

I dont think that its just because of marketing why LV bags and the like cost a lot. Its the quality of the bags and the feeling it can give to the buyer once she gets hold of the bag.