Saturday, May 2, 2009

OSEWG Workshop on Robotics

OSEWG 2009 Workshop on Robots
Supporting Human Science and Exploration
Head Up

The Optimizing Science and Exploration Working Group (OSEWG) is conducting a workshop on Robots Supporting Human Science and Exploration in August.

"This workshop will investigate how robotics might best be used to support a sustainable program of human exploration and science on the Moon," announced Dr. Matthew Deans, of the Advanced Capabilities Division, Exploration Science Missions Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington.

"The objective is to identify areas where high-priority lunar science needs can be met with space robotics capabilities, while fostering improved understanding and communication between the communities. The workshop will engage the Lunar Science and Space Robotics communities to include expertise from both domains."

"We are not soliciting submissions," Deans said. "This will be a working meeting."

More information: from LPI HERE.

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