Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mining the moon, they hope

Scale model of a load-haul dump machine. This machine is hydrogen powered, customized for tele-robotic operation, and can be operated from extreme distances.

Canadian miners aim to regain lost ground as resourceful innovators

Peter Koven, Financial Post

"We've seen a decline in Canadian R&D and innovation over a couple of decades. We've said in mining that that doesn't work for us. If we've lost ground, that's unacceptable," says Jean Vavrek, the CIM's executive director.

"He describes the conference as an attempt to focus on maintaining (and in some cases regaining) Canada's edge in mining innovation, with many more panel discussions than usual and "a lot of soul-searching."

"But, he says, we are still doing awfully well. The conference, with around 400 exhibitors, will show off all kinds of technologies that prove Canada is very much at the forefront when it comes to extracting resources out of the ground.

"Technologies on display will include advanced wireless communications, 3D remote visual equipment, advanced underwater and Arctic drilling equipment and, yes, a focus on mining in outer space."
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