Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nelson credited for Bolden

Robert Block, posting at the The Write Stuff, is crediting U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) for doggedly lobbying the Obama White House for the pending appointment of Maj. Gen. Bill Holden (USMC Ret.) as NASA Administrator.

"Nelson has tirelessly -- some might say obnoxiously -- pushed for his old friend and the man who piloted the shuttle that Nelson flew on in 1986, where he earned the nickname “Ballast” from fellow astronauts.

In fact, Nelson not only stumped for Bolden, he also actively lobbied against alternative candidates.

Though highly regarded by the aerospace community and NASA insiders, Bolden, 62, was never the White House's first choice for the NASA job. But for three months, other names that the White House floated for the job were knocked out of the running or withdrew from consideration.

Much of the resistance was spearheaded by Nelson."

Read the Block's observations HERE.

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