Monday, May 11, 2009

'Scores' witness lunar rainbow

"Moonbow," lunar rainbow graces Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls - Zambia Times -Scores of local and foreign tourists thronged the Victoria Falls at night over the weekend to watch the lunar rainbow.

A check at the entrance to the Victoria Falls from Friday showed that many tourists entered the site to see the exciting natural phenomenon, which is formed when moon rays pass through the sprays of the Victoria Falls after heavy plunges of the Zambezi waters.

One of the tourists from the United Kingdom, Jane Smith described the amazing formation as wonderful.

"It really looks so unreal to be real. It was a wonderful sight which needs more marketing at international level so that more people can come and see it, otherwise you are losing a lot of money," she remarked enthusiastically.

Other excited tourists took pictures in the night as the rainbow curved across the gorge, displaying an exciting bright arch formation.

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