Sunday, May 17, 2009

Congratulations to New Canadian Astronauts

Montreal Gazette lauds the two finalists chosen to join Canada's astronaut corp, bemoans 'no place to go'

Congratulations to fighter pilot Jeremy Hansen and medical doctor David Saint-Jacques, newly named as Canada's latest astronauts. Selected by the Canadian Space Agency from more than 5,000 accomplished applicants, they become candidates to join the list of eight Canadians who've been in space.

NASA's space shuttles will be retired next year, before the two Canadians can fly. But they won't be all dressed up with no place to go: After their two-year training they might go to the International Space Station in a Russian vehicle, on a private rocket, or, in 2015 or later, via NASA's new Constellation launch system, also intended to establish a human colony on the moon.

We'll see. Despite the scientific and engineering advantages, the national prestige, and the sheer exultation of it all, the lunar program remains a likely target for budget-cutting.
Read the Gazette Editoral HERE.

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