Thursday, July 1, 2010

LSF 2010 Registration Deadline is July 12

NOTE: Registration for the 3rd Annual Lunar Science Forum (LSF) will close at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, July 12.

Registration is separate from abstract submission, so please make sure you have registered for the Forum. Registration is free and can be completed by following the link on the Lunar Science Forum website:

The NASA Lunar Science Institute (NLSI) is pleased to announce the 3rd annual NASA Lunar Science Forum, to be held July 20-22, 2010, at the NASA Ames Conference Center, Moffett Field, California.

This year's forum will feature sessions on scientific results from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) and Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS), as well as the Annual Shoemaker medal and associated keynote lecture. As in past years, science sessions are structured to report on both recent results and future opportunities for lunar science, education and outreach.

The conference will review the state of knowledge of, and opportunities for science:
Of the Moon: Study the nature and history of the Moon (including research on lunar samples) to learn about this specific object and thereby provide insights into the evolution of our solar system.

On the Moon: Investigate the effects of the lunar environment on terrestrial life and the equipment that supports lunar inhabitants, and the effects on the lunar environment of robotic and human presence.

From the Moon: Use the Moon as a platform for performing scientific investigations, including observations of the Earth and other celestial phenomena that are uniquely enabled by being on the lunar surface.
Sessions are structured to report on recent results and anticipate future opportunities for lunar science. Presentations on elements of education and public outreach are included to better understand how lunar exploration can be used to stimulate public interest in space exploration and improve science literacy.

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