Monday, August 9, 2010

Moon Summit: Stellafane

Left to Right: Chuck Wood (green), Richard Evans (blue-checked shirt), Ron Doel (blue), Pete Schultz (tie), Tom Dobbins (white) and Bill Sheehan (black), Bert Willard - not pictured [Ken Spencer/LPOD].

Chuck Wood
Lunar Picture of the Day (LPOD)

With the famous Hartness Turret Telescope in the background, this scene is immediately identifiable to (Amateur Telescope Makers) as being near the Stellafane telescope gathering at Springfield, Vermont.

John Briggs and Dan Lorraine organized a one day Moon Morphology workshop the day before Stellafane officially started and drew a fantastic set of speakers (above) and a very inquisitive and knowledgeable audience.

The balance of interest and experience of the speakers fed a continuing discussion of lunar science and history. I gave an introduction about learning to read the history of the Moon from evidence visible in the eyepiece and in images, and then a second talk about how LTVT, LRO topo data and other recent technologies brought great opportunities to amateurs.

Read the article, HERE.

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