Sunday, August 1, 2010


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Editor's NOTE: Lunar Pioneer is not a political fellowship. The ancient and original membership for whom this website has been created (i.e., the widely placed, thirty-three year-old "Society of friends exploring Earth's Moon") individually represent a wide variety of political views. Recently certain members prevailed upon the wider group Conscience to allow the sharing of an occasional opinion or general observation, representing a particular Point of View (POV), through the Lunar Network blog provided said "opinions" were not already widely available here or elsewhere. These POV's are to be presented rarely and for informational purposes only, not to propagate an ideology or opinion, rather simply to share the fact that such opinions exist. Therefore, what follows is the opinion of the writer only. It does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Lunar Pioneer Group nor of any of its members, or of the Editor. - JCR.

"Planetary exploration, that last great endeavor of what Oswald Spengler called Faustian Culture – the spiritual movement that built the great cathedrals of Christian Europe and that invented science and technology – is dead.

"On its tomb we see rise the social-welfare “nanny state,” multiculturalism, affirmative action, Gaia-worship, the entertainment industry, and an education establishment nationalized, feminized, and purged of intellectual rigor so as to make room for insipid self-esteem and the cultivation of homey errands that (how to put it?) teenage girls can do.

"Contemporary society, like the teenage girl, takes interest in itself primarily, in a preening and thoroughly petty way. The postmodern social order dresses women up as soldiers, it puts them in dangerous aircraft as pilots, and it even sends some of them on Shuttle missions, but it lacks the outward urge of the true pioneering spirit. The de-spirited dhimmi-polity meanwhile cozies up to Stone Age barbarians but refuses to rebuild its own fallen towers ten years after they fell..."

The Brussels Journal, July 10, 2010
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Anonymous said...

Sorry, but even posting this lowers the tone of your hitherto uniformly excellent posts.

While the underlying sentiments are understandable at this juncture, this article is nothing more than a rant, full of logical fallacies and evincing a tantrum-like childishness that is ironic considering the contents.

-1 unfortunately.


Joel Raupe said...

It is "one point of view," only.

Nevertheless, one of your points is well-taken. And, in order that there might be less opportunity for misunderstanding, we will qualify this posting before the Jump.