Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ISRO releases lunar polar mosaics

From newly released Chandrayaan-1 Terrain Mapping Camera (TMC) mosaic of lunar south pole [ISRO].

Pradeep Mohandas
Parallel Spirals

ISRO has posted updates to Chandrayaan-1 website involving the lunar poles. This is interesting time to post these updates. ISRO had announced that payloads flying on Chandrayaan-2 were to be finalized at a meeting to be held on August 3, 2010. Chandrayaan-2 is expected to land two rovers on the Lunar South Pole.

Read the summary, HERE.

Newly released Chandrayaan-1 Lunar Laser Range Instrument (LLRI) mosaic of the Moon's north polar region. India's first lunar probe arrived in lunar orbit November 12, 2008 and successfully returned data for 312 days [ISRO].

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