Sunday, August 9, 2009

Orbital discusses 2011 Taurus II launch plans with Wallops Island community

Notional launch of Orbital Taurus II Medium-Class Launch Vehicle, now rescheduled for Spring 2011, from Wallops Island, Virginia's Mid-Atlantic Spaceport. (Orbital Sciences Corporation Taurus II Fact Sheet)

Carol Vaughn
Staff Writer

Accomac - Orbital Sciences Corp. launch site manager Norm Bobczynski appeared before the Accomack County Board of Supervisors for the first time Wednesday to update the county about progress on Orbital's Taurus II rocket project at Wallops Island.

Bobczynski, a Norfolk native, has worked for decades in the space industry, including in the Atlas rocket program and most recently for Orbital's competitor SpaceX. He began work at Orbital in June 2008, the same week the company committed to using Wallops Island as the launch site for its Taurus II rocket, which will carry cargo to the International Space Station in eight contracted missions between 2011 and 2015.

An initial demonstration flight previously scheduled for December 2010 is now expected to happen in spring 2011.

Bobczynski said the company has the capability to launch more than those missions NASA has contracted for and expects to get more business from the Department of Defense and other commercial missions after it completes an initial launch of Taurus II successfully.

"It is important to Orbital Sciences Corp. to have a good working relationship with the community," Bobczynski said, adding that the company hopes to provide good jobs in the future.

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