Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NASA disappearing act

From The Business Review Clusterstock: Is NASA's Golden Age is over? "With spending peaked in 1987 at over 1% of the federal budget, ts share of total spending has been on a long, slow decline."


BrianShiro said...

This chart doesn't even convey the true downfall of NASA's budget since it arbitrarily starts in 1977 instead of 1958 when NASA was founded. A full history of the NASA budget reveals a massive peak in spending at about 5.5% of the total federal budget in 1966 with an overall decline ever since (with bumps by Regan and Bush I).

Joel Raupe said...

Yes, that thought passed through my frontal cortex when I stumbled on the chart earlier today. I've already complained to the authors. Seems typical of those folks who believe the world began some time around the year they were born.