Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Youngest Zero-G flyer flew in Ecuador

Jules Nader, 7, center, floats with his brother Gerard Nader, 10, bottom left, and friend Julia Velastegui, 17, behind right, during a zero-gravity flight in an air force plane. Nadar became the youngest passenger ever aboard a zero-gravity flight. / AP photo/Ecuador Civil Space Aviation Agency.

He told The Associated Press he felt "like Spider-Man." Jules Nader's 10-year-old brother Gerard also made the flight with the seven-year-old, both sons of Ecuador astronaut Ronnie Nader.

(The previous world record for Youngest to fly in microgravity was held by eight-year-old Danner Cronise, by way of Zero Gravity Corporation (ZERO-G).

The Ecuadorian Air Force (FAE) and the Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency (EXA), executed the aerospace mission EXA/FAE-06 on board of the Ecuadorian microgravity plane the 'Fuerza-G 1 Cóndor', for the POSEIDON scientific project.

The POSEIDON scientific project verified the effects of microgravity in fluid dynamics, in an experiment similar to those executed on ISS. Project experimenters performed the first biometric readings of children of less than 11 years old in microgravity.

The children, including the new world record holder Jules, performed through 19 parabolas flawlessly, a total of 282 seconds in Zero G and Lunar gravity equivalent, none affected adversely, proving with a proper training children can do scientific tasks in Space.

On this mission were students Julia Velasteguí , 17, Gerard Nader, 10 Jules Nader, now the pride of Ecuador.

This children underwent strict physical, intellectual, psychological and scientific training during the last month to secure their participation in this mission and the correct execution of the scientific experiments.

Jules and Gerard''s father, Commander Ronnie Nader, is the first Ecuadorian astronaut. He was awarded the 'Example for Youth' medal by the Ecuadorian officials.

The POSEIDON project is part of the Ecuadorian Microgavity Flight Program (PEVM) being carried out by EXA and FAE, the beginning of the ZeroG Aeroespace Program, dedicated to openning the doors of science to all youngster, not just in Ecuador, but around the world.

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