Tuesday, August 4, 2009

UP test flight at Spaceport America

New Mexico Business Weekly

UP Aerospace Inc. successfully launched an unmanned aerial vehicle prototype from Spaceport America on Aug. 4.

Colorado-based UP has been testing a new space vehicle for Lockheed Martin at the Spaceport since last year.

The latest launch, however, was conducted for Florida-based Fundamental Technology Systems Inc. (Moog-FTS), which UP recently signed as a new client.

“Moog-FTS is an important player in space research and manufacturing technology,” said UP President Jerry Larson in a news release. “We are excited to be in a position to provide low-cost, fast-turnaround launch operations for their R&D projects.”

Spaceport Executive Director Steve Landeene said such commercial launches are helping to attract interest from more aerospace companies who want to conduct activities at the Spaceport, located in southern New Mexico near Upham (south of TorC).

“Major players in the space industry like Moog-FTS and other aerospace companies are increasingly becoming aware of the opportunities available at Spaceport America,” Landeene said. “I’m proud that we can continue to set the standard for safe, low-cost commercial spaceflight.”

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