Thursday, April 16, 2009

Duncan Jones, Director of "Moon"

Popular Mechanics interviews Moon director
Duncan Jones
Erin McCarthy

"Duncan Jones, the movie's director, wanted to make the kind of gritty sci-fi film that he feels is no longer being made. The writer and director walks PM's Digital Hollywood through DIY FX on a budget, answering to astronauts at NASA and the difference between artificial intelligence and anthropomorphized computers. Plus, check out the Moon trailer

"I read a book by Robert Zubrin, Entering Space. It was all about how we could financially justify colonizing the solar system; there was a chapter on colonizing the moon and using helium-3 as a source for fusion power. It did seem to be a very logical argument about why you would have a reason to set up a moon base. I think one of the things that is limiting about NASA leading the space race is that everything they do is researched, but it doesn't have any direct relevance to how it affects our lives. But with helium-3, there is a very direct link to how we could use that as a resource here on Earth and why it would be profitable."

Jones, after receiving favorable from private screenings for cinematic legends Terry Gilliam and Neil Gaiman, says he now anxiously awaits a review from Ridley Scott. His next project, though not a squeal, takes up where the world portrayed in Scott's 1982 classic Blade Runner leaves off, in not-to-distant future Berlin.

Read the Popular Mechanics interview HERE.

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