Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bill Pogue remembers 84 days on Skylab 4

Skylab 4 mission commander Bill Pogue, after waiting eight years for a flight, spent 84 days on-board the pioneering Skylab, America's first orbiting space station beginning Nov. 1974. The 79 year-old Astronaut Hall of Famer now lives in Bentonville, Arkansas - still speaking out in favor of manned Space Exploration.

Tabatha Hunter, of the Benton County Daily Record, recently spend some time visiting with Hunter. Her article appeared in Sunday's edition:

"Pogue found himself strapped into Skylab 4, counting down before being slingshot into space where he would spend his 44th birthday and 84 days of his life observing and photographing the sun and Earth while shattering previously set endurance records for time spent in space.

"When I got back, one of the doctors monitoring us asked if I was scared during lift off. I said 'no' and asked why. He said, 'Because your heart rate jumped from 46 to 120 when the engines let off,''' Pogue said. "I guess I was just excited."

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Visit Col. Pogue's website HERE.

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May Col. Pogue rest in peace.