Saturday, April 4, 2009

Report on Space Renaissance Initiative at G20

A reportage on the March 31st Press Conference and April 1st mission to G20

by M. Martin-Smith and A. Autino

The Space Renaissance Initiative met at 4 pm at the British Interplanetary Society to launch itself, and hold a Press conference. Although no mainstream Press arrived, we did confer by Skype with several individuals, and received addresses from two continents! We also learned that in 4 months 1,000 people world wide had signed the Call for a Space Renaissance Initiative. We all know we are in a fine mess, and people are ripe for the message of hope we offer - or will
be before much longer!

SRI President, Adriano Autino, of TDF opened the proceedings by outlining the case for a new Initiative to launch human civilisation into Space. The present order risks population growth and economic collapse in energy and raw materials, if access to Space is not assured by much cheaper access to Space. He laid out a stepwise logical programme of Space Tourism progressing out into Earth Lunar Space, Solar Power satellites, lunar bases, industries and settlements, and then on Mars and the asteroids. A comparatively small investmnent by the G20 nations could assure us a viable space tourist industry, creating employment, opportunities and cheap access to Space - above all giving our closed civilisation a new open door of hope and limitless wealth.

Read the Reportage HERE.