Friday, February 20, 2009

Breakthrough in Lunar Orbiter photograph remastering

A relatively bright (newer) crater amidst the Marius Hills (@303.58 E 13.98 N) from Lunar Orbiter V - frame 214 (LOV-214) as seen in a familiar medium resolution reproduction (lower center of inset) illustrates an immediate effect of the breakthrough reported February 19, resolving 40 year-old recorded telemetry from the fifth and final in the Orbiter series in 1968. The Orbiter data has become an entirely new mission, boulders and rich detail easily within the half-meter resolution promised from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter later this year. Lunar Orbiter Digitization Project 2009.

Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP)
Progress Report 19 February 2009
To: LOIRP Status
From: Dennis Wingo
Subject: Progress Report, Milestone ALERT!
Folks Major milestones to report!


We have had a major milestone accomplished (well 98% of the way there).

Read the amazing progress report from MOONVIEWS HERE.

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