Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bill Moore - New Chief at KSC Visitors Center

New chief pushes space center's 'real stuff ' (And 700 Employees!)

William Moore began his new duties as chief operating officer of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex this month.

The 57-year-old Atlanta native replaced Dan LeBlanc, who resigned in October after more than 12 years at the complex, the last six as COO. LeBlanc's strong marketing and guidance is credited with pushing the facility to the forefront of Central Florida destinations.

The 42-year-old attraction, built as a means for NASA astronauts' and employees' families to view space center operations, draws more than 1.5 visitors annually.

Moore comes from the Independence Visitor Center in Philadelphia, which displays the historic Liberty Bell. He will now oversee some 700 employees at the visitor center.

In an interview Wednesday, Moore talked about the future challenges and current pleasures of his new job.

QUESTION: What are the visitor center's strengths in the poor economy, and how will you build on them?

ANSWER: This is an absolutely fascinating place and a wonderful resource, and it can tell the NASA story really, really well to people around the world.

Our strengths are that we have real history. This is the history of America's space program.

Read the Interview in FLORIDA TODAY

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