Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lunar elevation models come in many forms

Howard Fink has a gift for Charles Wood (LPOD). One of four cast models of the Hadley Rille Delta, landing site of Apollo 15 and, for many years, the topography of the lunar surface best surveyed from lunar orbit by laser altimetry (>10 million points). At top is a close-up of the cast on the lower right, tweaked for detail. At middle is a glance at the same area as seen in Google Moon from a slightly different angle for context. That scene is overlaid with Apollo, LROC and Chandrayaan Mini-SAR data. And below are each of the four casts by Howard. For a full-size view, he has uploaded that image to his website HERE. For more information and detailed views of the work, see Apollo 15 landing site in 3-D.

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