Sunday, February 7, 2010

JSC's Project M in a 1000 days?

This video of NASA JSC's "Project M" depicts a Robonaut-based, teleoperated mission to the Moon - one that JSC claims could be accomplished in 1,000 days once the go-ahead was given.


Unknown said...

Can JSC deliver Project M in 1000 days? If so, no one told Charlie Bolden. Charlie met with the working space press Sat. Feb. 6 at the Kennedy Space Center. At 15:07 minutes into his speach said,
"I know that the Japanese would like to have a two legged robot on the moon by 2020. Do I think I can do that? Probably not."

Joel Raupe said...

Thanks, Alan. An excellent point. It generally goes beyond the purpose of the Networks blog to add a lot of editorial opinion to what gets posted here. It was posted with a wink and nod since we don't believe JSC has such a capability, as yet. There's no end of their proposals, of course, but a profound shortage of those rare combinations both times and seasons, and Von Braun's, so to speak. All of us thought of an earlier story out of Japan also, immediately after seeing the anthropomorphic robots. (We've added a "?" to the headline, as we should have originally. Too many irons in the fire.) Thanks again. - Joel R