Monday, March 16, 2009

Powering Exploration: The Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle and Ares V Cargo Launch Vehicles

Ares V places hypothetical monolithic 8 meter UV-visual telescope on a path to Sun.
With a shroud size dictated by the eventual size of the Altair lunar lander,
developers are investigating uses of Ares V unrelated to human space exploration,
e.g., 8 meter science telescopes in LEO of Lagrange orbits,
capabilities could exceed Hubble by an order of magnitute.

Stephen A. Cook, project manager & Teresa Vanhooser, deputy project manager, Ares Projects, Marshall SFC, Huntsville.

NASA’s Constellation Program is depending on the Ares Projects to deliver the crew and cargo launch capabilities needed to send human explorers to the Moon and beyond. Ares continues to make progress toward design, component testing, and early flight testing of the Ares I crew launch vehicle, as well as early design work for Ares V cargo launch vehicle. Ares I and Ares V will form the core space launch capabilities the United States needs to continue its pioneering tradition as a spacefaring nation.

Download (pdf) Study & presentation HERE.

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