Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Raffaello Lena - GLRP & Selenology Today #13

From left to right, South to North. A very highly scaled section of a much larger 12.6 cm comparative polarity image of the Near Side portion of the Lunar South Pole, just above the rim of abyssal 19 kilometer wide Shackleton (lower left), future notional site of Armstrong Station, the American portion of the semi-permanently manned lunar outpost presently in the federal budget. Malapert Mountain, on the Right, has been the notional site of every possible multi-purpose lunar outpost imaginable, and for good reason. As on Earth, so it is on the Moon. Real Estate is "location, location, location."

Wow! It's not every day a person in the lunar community receives high praise from two highly respected forums, each of whom are Websites of Record. Nevertheless, there you have it.

That was enough for Lunar Pioneer Research Group to wave our hand and "give it up" for Raffaello Lena of the Geologic Lunar Research (GLR) group, truly dedicated publishers of Selenology Today.

Issue #13 was released on the web today, and this Number is dedicated to LCROSS.

First the LCROSS Observation Group, a primary contact point for amateur Plus Ultra observers preparing to record that impactor in action later this year, express high praise and gratitude to Raffaello Lena for featuring some really fine articles, written by senior members of the group explaining the importance of earth-bound "amateur" observers of the final stage of the LCROSS mission, in this latest issue of Selenology Today #13.

Now, if that were not enough, Raffaello Lena also received some very high praise tonight/this morning from, guess who... Chuck Wood, who put his Moon-powered LPOD spotlight on Mr. Lena, to illustrate "the P in LPOD doesn't just stand for Photograph, it also stands for "People."

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