Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chuck Wood working on Lunar Second Life

While on the subject, I can never say enough good things about Charles Wood and his ever-growing LPOD. The Lunar Picture of the Day is a first and second tourist destination for me every single day.

After only having briefly flitted around in Second Life (and finding it a strangely relaxing experience, until my "Avatar" was confronted with a 40 meter high floating 3D copy of John McCain's head!) it was wonderful to receive news that Chuck Wood is involved with creating a Second Life lunar "Island," based on the crater Timocharis.

Chuck shared the news on the March 3 LPOD: "Do you have an avatar? Have you been in Second Life? You are going to want to, I hope, later this year when the MoonWorld virtual reality simulation goes online. Second Life (SL) is a persistent virtual world that is very different from a web site. It is a three dimensional environment that you explore not by looking at, but by walking, running or flying through. "You" are represented by an avatar which can be either sex or even an animal or a mythological creature. My colleagues and I at the Center for Educational Technologies are creating an island (a distinct parcel of land in SL) that will be terraformed (lunaformed?) to resemble the area of the crater Timocharis."

Read the rest HERE.

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