Friday, March 27, 2009

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Title: Selenography: Naming and Mapping the Moon
Podcaster: Mark Tillotson, amateur astronomer, lunar enthusiast, author of Today in Astronomy blog, member of the Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society and IYA_US team member.

Links: Today in Astronomy:
Lunar Mark:
The Astronomy Compendium:

Description: It all started with the second person who created a lunar map. Naming features on the Moon has had a long and contentious history. The various lunar maps, sketches and images produced during the last four centuries show how difficult it can be to be accurate and consistent in lunar nomenclature. Amateur astronomer 'Lunar Mark' Tillotson talks about some of the major selenographers and the people who are honored with a lunar feature.

Bio: Mark Tillotson is an engineer and amateur astronomer living in Pennsylvania. He is interested in the Moon, the history of astronomy and science in general. Mark is the author of two blogs, Today in Astronomy and Lunar Mark, and created the Astronomy Compendium; a wiki-spaces site designed as a collection of information about the people, places and events that shaped the science of Astronomy into the form we know today. He is the Star Party coordinator at the Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society and a communications team member for IYA2009 US; posting updates on Facebook as IYA Cosmos and on Twitter as IYA.

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