Friday, January 9, 2009

Reassessing Constellation will waste space resources

Obama should rename Griffin as NASA's leader:
An Appeal from Gene Kranz

While there are competent candidates from whom to choose for the role of NASA administrator, of critical importance is that the candidate must have unquestionable leadership attributes. The candidate must be a respected leader, a strong and effective program manager and a technically competent engineer or scientist who understands the stakes for our nation, the program and the workforce who engage in these high risk, high profile NASA missions. The NASA administrator cannot lack in any one of these attributes; they must be firmly developed in all.

Concluding my Senate testimony I spoke of the necessity to continue with the current NASA leadership team stating, "Mike Griffin is the finest leader I have seen at the helm of NASA for the last two decades."

He is the leader the agency deserves — one who has the respect of all levels of the organization, the respect of the congressional committees responsible for NASA oversight, and has the technical and program management ability to establish priorities, course correct as necessary, and make the "go, no go" decisions.

Space is an asset to inspire youth, expand space sciences, develop new technology, generate spin-off industries and assure our position for the future. The nation faces many challenges in the months and years to come. Regardless of whether President-elect Obama keeps Griffin as administrator (and I believe he should), Griffin has been the leader NASA needed at a critical time in the agency's history. If Griffin is not retained, I hope that the Obama administration will listen to his wise counsel and expertise.

Kranz is the former NASA flight director who led the Apollo 11, Apollo 13 and Apollo 17 missions and served as a leader at NASA for more than 35 years. He is author of Failure Is Not An Option.

Read the Op Ed HERE.

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