Thursday, January 15, 2009

Obama Administration Must Prepare For New Kind Of Space Race

The Obama administration may be facing a new kind of space race with broader scientific, national-security and business implications.

Sweeping policy, budget and institutional changes will be necessary to protect America's "perishable" lead in satellites, rockets and space exploration, according to a report released Monday by an industry group.

The U.S.'s priorities need to adapt to a changing reality in which more countries are pushing into space for political and industrial reasons, said the Aerospace Industries Association, who produced the study.

The U.S. government spends an estimated $100 billion annually on space efforts, but countries like China, India, Japan, Russia and the European Union have all increased their own spending and are catching up in technical prowess.

Marion Blakey, the association's president and chief executive, said in a very real sense, the 'space race' is far from over. "We might not be racing, but our global competitors certainly are."
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