Sunday, December 20, 2009

LDAP 2010 - Conference Program Online

Mihaly Horányi
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
Department of Physics
University of Colorado at Boulder

The first workshop on "Lunar dust, plasma and atmosphere: The next steps" will be held January 27 – 29, 2010 at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA.

The meeting will be a forum to discuss our current understanding of the lunar surface and atmosphere, and share results from past and still ongoing missions. It will focus on the open science questions, the status of our modeling and laboratory experimental capabilities, required measurements, and instrument capabilities for future investigations on orbit, or to be deployed on the lunar surface.

The meeting will include both invited and contributed talks, and will maintain a true workshop atmosphere to foster discussions. The conference proceedings will be published in a special section of the Journal of Geophysical Research – Space Research.

Program now available, HERE.

Another angle on Hermite, near the lunar North Pole, revealed this past week by David A. Paige, Principal Investigator for the LRO Diviner experiment as the location of the coldest known permanently shadowed regions on the Moon, cold enough to freeze nitrogen and easily the coldest place this side of the Kuiper Belt [NASA/JPL/UCLA].

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