Thursday, December 3, 2009

The lunar south, up close and personal

To call this image by George Tarsoudis a Thumbnail is a world-class understatement. But the original, shared with the Yahoo lunar observers group, is not great simply because it is large and comprehensive, it's also a high quality mosaic put together from only two video stills captured on November 26.

It's not the most impressive "amateur" image of the Moon's south polar region, but it's well worth a closer look perhaps because of the difficulties Tarsoudis encounters, including "turbulence," to contend with a week ago. He took "very short videos," he wrote, "three hundred to four hundred frames only."

"Some very interesting craters to see," in the image, Tarsoudis wrote, are the increasingly familiar Malapert Massiff, Moretus, Short, and the more elusive (from Earth) Shoemaker, Faustini and Amundsen."

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