Monday, December 14, 2009

Congress sends NASA budget to President

Stephen Clark
Spaceflight Now

The Senate passed an $18.7 billion budget for NASA on Sunday, sending to the White House a bill asserting new congressional oversight of the embattled Constellation moon program and funding a replacement climate satellite.

The omnibus spending bill, which also covers other areas of government, will fund NASA through next September. The House approved the measure last week. President Obama will likely sign the bill this week.

In the bill, appropriators inserted language shielding the Constellation program from termination without congressional approval. President Obama is considering alternatives for the future of the U.S. human space program after an independent committee said the moon project is unsustainable under current budget conditions.

The White House could continue with the Constellation program, add funding, or scrap the project in favor of a new plan.

Congress is providing $3.8 billion for NASA's exploration programs, as requested by the administration earlier this year.

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