Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blogger's Best for the Best

Now this illustrates well a singular disadvantage to blogspot, i.e. "Google Blogger," as a format for our purposes at Lunar Pioneer. All our best image work has to be literally tricked to stay within a 400 pixel width. We manage twice that number in height only by first uploading the maximum such image through Picassa and grabbing the code to then cut and paste it into the HTML. Through nearly 2000 postings we've learned to point elsewhere or to count on Google deciding for us to reproduce a lossy duplicate, which amounts to a mockery of the original. Our solution, then, is to stay within those bounds with the best possible duplicate of our own.

Above, in miniature, is a ridiculous thumbnail which at best merely advertises a typically glorious mosaic of the well-known Near Side craters Atlas and Hercules, along with Burg, on the left centered within Lacus Mortis.

Among the top ten master lunar photographers is Wes Higgins, whose work is prominent among those appropriately honored by Charles Wood as a Lunar Picture of the Day.

He was kind enough to post a link to the larger image to the Lunar Observer's Group on Saturday. Below is the best slice of the image he submitted that we could reproduce, and we leave it to you to compare it with the thumbnail above.

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