Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Frank Borman to Address EAA

Apollo 8 commander to speak to
Experimental Aircraft Association
40th Anniversary of
First Manned Mission to the Moon.

OSHKOSH - Cmdr. Frank Borman will give the keynote address Wednesday at the Wright Brothers Memorial Banquet, sponsored by the Experimental Aircraft Association.

Borman was commander of Apollo 8 in December 1968 when it became the first manned craft to orbit the moon. The 40th anniversary of that launch is Dec. 21.

Borman and Jim Lovell and William Anders spent six days in space and orbited the Moon 10 times, conducting research that ensure the success of Apollo 11 seven months later.

Coming as it did at the end of what many believe to have been the "incredible year," highlighted by the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King and Senator Robert Kennedy, the Apollo 8 crew read from Genesis, during a Christmas Eve broadcast from lunar orbit.